Happiness Monitoring

App-based employee surveys

Happiness Monitoring projects are app-based employee surveys. The employees download an app that is adapted to their corporate and answer a survey that focuses on their well-being, work-related topics and corporate-related topics. After the survey the employees can give anonymous feedback in the app and you as the management can send out new surveys anytime. Because the Happiness Research Organisation is an external partner, this process ensures a continuous, anonymous feedback cycle, which gives a good information basis for the right corporate decisions.




We show you the Happiness Monitoring App and explain to you the assessment system in an in-person meeting.

We adapt the assessment system to your company and add company specific questions.

We adapt the Happiness Monitoring App to your corporate design and deploy your employee survey app.


We help you to communicate the new instrument to ensure high participation rates.

We collect data based on the most recent security standards on our own servers in Germany.

Analysis / Reporting

We analyze the data, anonymise the results and display them in an online-dashboard.

We update the online-dashboard on the basis of the anonymous employee feedbacks. An employee sends a feedback per app, we read it and ensure that the employee itself and no colleague is deanonymised by it. If this is ensured we accept the message and update the online-dashboard accordingly.


We survey the employees to recent topics by sending surveys to all employees or specific groups.

We consult you to pick the right interventions and evaluate them with you.

Example visualization of the results within the online-dashboard

Example visualization of the results within the online-dashboard