Happiness Research Organisation

Publication examples

Find below some recent publications in the research area as well as in the media

  • Happy Frankfurt | Kai Ludwigs | TEDxRheinMainSalon youtube.com
  • Why are Locals Happier than Internal Migrants? The Role of Daily Life springer.com
  • Measuring Community Well-Being and Individual Well-Being for Public Policy: The Case of the Community Well-Being Atlas springer.com
  • Wie glücklich ist Wuppertal? - Forscher wollen das per App herausfinden wz.de
  • ZDF - Volle Kanne - Glückssuche im Netz zdf.de
  • The Migration Happiness Atlas as a Community Development Initiative books.google.de
  • How Does More Attention to Subjective Well-Being Affect Subjective Well-Being? springer.com