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Online research is today a standard method for every researcher. In the past few years more researchers have understood the new possibilities of app-based research. This is especially the case for studies where participants have to be surveyed frequently in a short time-frame or for a long-term studies. In this case, app-based studies often show higher participation rates than online studies. Additionally, the smartphone sensors can be used to collect more data without additional participant effort.

In 2012 the Happiness Research Organisation built the "Happiness Analyzer" ( an app to measure happiness. Based on this app we built the "App Research Framework" which can be used to create various research apps and has been used in many different international studies.


All participants or certain participant groups can be surveyed with pre-defined or spontaneous surveys.


Participants always have the option to give qualitative feedback per app as a note, photo, audio message or video.


You can send participants information, exercises, podcasts, etc. anytime per app.

Biological marker

You can remind participants to take, for example, a saliva probe or to measure their heart rate variability (HRV) with the smartphone camera.

Objective key figures

Other information about app-usage, network quality, sensor data and information from other tracking-devices can be collected as well.


You can reward participants (e.g. with Amazon vouchers) anytime, for example, directly after answering a survey.


You can visualise participants' survey answers in simple graphs to motivate them to continue to participate.

Study management

With an online-link you can track your study anytime.


You can export your data anytime in different formats (CSV, SAV, etc.).

Platform independent

The research apps run on Android and iOS devices as well as a responsive web-version.


Participants do not need a continuous internet connection to answer the surveys. Like this it is possible to survey participants in a flexible way anytime.

Data security

Data is stored, based on the most recent security standards, on our own servers of the Happiness Research Organisation in Germany. In cooperation with you we develop data security concepts for your studies. In case you wish to store your data on your own servers this is possible as well.



You send us your study idea


We consult you to pick the right features


We develop your research app


We host your study based on the most recent security standards


We export your data in the format you need